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Besides serving theater delivers Café Kølbert unconventional HR

From a different angle,
Cash and rapid evaluation of work and own responsibility for development and renewal. It is serving the theater Café Kølberts prescription to train their employees. The result is 20 years of chronic success.

From most to a little reminiscent of a recreation center for creative playful adults is the Aarhus serving theater Café Kølbert of 20 years has grown to be a professional business with companies, institutions, private companies and a single royal family among its clientele.

Success depends entirely in cash by the actors' ability to walk rude close to the audience - without getting too close. A discipline that requires exceptional employees.

"When we recruit, we see a lot on whether the person can play a credible and interesting figure, and improvise it. Only then chemistry, and players can operate the team. Our theater differs from other theaters by the figures that takes place, are very close to oneself. in addition, we are frightening close to the audience. it requires intuition - and courage to be, "says Søren Hamburg one of the founders and the four owners of Café Kølbert.

A shared experience
Cafe Kølbert are often used to give staff a shared experience. The theater is used for example to staff reunification through mergers.

"The experience of our theater gives people something to talk about. They compare and tells what you did the right at their table. We have also been several times when a company should close or department closed down, such Pirelly in North Jutland (those originally la-acquired Turkish pepper), Kellogg in Svendborg and Swedish match in Malmo. So we take a little consolation to the last party. It's special, "says Søren Hamburg.

mutual development
Serving theater has around 20 regular actors attached. Additionally, there are old boys team. The latter are former actors who draw on the peaks or just even arise if the urge to get on the job shows up.

Several of the actors have creative industries alongside. One is writing a book, another is in a commercial, some independent, others are working with public relations, concept development, as lecturers, team building, a lawyer, a private children's theater, film photographer, conservator, psychologist, precision engineer, band leader, social worker, accountant, writing and instruction of cabaret, circus director, programmer, actor (ex. the Royal), kareoke-king, Danish pop singer and so on in the creative category.

"They all feel that they develop by being part of Café Kølbert. Conversely, ensuring their diverse input to the theater, we have a continuous and realistic development where trends and fluctuations in society captured," says Søren Hamburg.
In addition, account shall be periodically new actors into the workforce for also in this way to ensure renewal.
MU conversations in the backseat

As an employer it Søren Hamburg's responsibility to evaluate performance and make sure that employees are sent to the appropriate courses. He pulls smile, since the concept of employee performance are introduced in the interview.
"We always evaluates our performance. Often done it in the car on the way home for a job. Missing an actor voice training, accordion hours etc. we find out it there. So you could say that our MU-conversations going on in the car. In addition, takes the actors typically own initiative on courses, theater schools etc. to develop. there is a great desire and a lot of energy behind it, to evolve. we put the team a bit like coach in football: we take them is best playing and in the best shape for the task, "says Café Kølbert

He has learned one important lesson as an employer. "It is in no way to pack things that should be said away. Say it needs to be said right away, but at the turn, as well as at all possible - and not necessarily when the listeners. "

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